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We are Kronos Racing

A team from Gonzaga College SJ representing Ireland in the 2023 World Finals of the F1 in Schools competition



We are a hardworking, determined and innovative group who have qualified for the World Finals 2023.

We hope to perform well in the world finals and have high ambitions for the future of the team.


Our Team

We are a team of six 5th Year students from Gonzaga College SJ, Dublin. Each member possesses more than one skill and has a great attitude to face challenges. Our ambition is to become world champions of F1 in Schools 2023.   

Why Sponsor Us?

It is our first time competing in F1 in schools and we couldn’t be more excited and passionate about the journey. 

Your support will help a new team reach the top and fulfil its goals of passing the final line of the competition. Your organisation has the chance to be part of the largest technological competition nationally and internationally along with young pioneers, like us.

Our ultimate goal is to grow both as individuals and as a team. Our desire to evolve and become successful individuals as well as active members of society inspires us and pushes us forward every day. Our desire to work together towards a common vision is the fuel that allows us to attain results. At the end of this competition, we aspire to be more innovative, knowledgeable and cooperative.

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