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Kronos Team

We are a team of six 4th Years from Gonzaga College SJ, Dublin. Each member possesses more than one skill and has a great attitude to face challenges. Our ambition is to aim to become world champions of F1 in Schools 2022.

Joe O'Grady

Team Manager and Design Engineer  


Joe’s main focus throughout the competition is to set the targets, monitor the team’s progress, and assist with any issues the team members may have and ensure that all members understand the team's objectives and work together to achieve it.


He is also responsible for studying, researching and developing ideas for our car. He works closely with Robert, our Manufacturing Engineer to product the best quality of designs.


Alistair Verdon

Sponsorship Manager

Alistair is responsible for maintaining good relationships with all our sponsors. He ensures that a direct, clear line of communication is sustained throughout the competition process. 


He works closely with Joe and Justin, our Team Manager and Marketing Manager to ensure that our sponsors get the recognition that they deserve. 


Justin Ikwu

Marketing and Social Media Manager                           ​

Justin focuses on developing and executing on marketing strategies for the team and overseeing promotional messaging and products, and work to publish or distribute them to the public via social media.

He works closely with Toby to delivery high standard marketing materials.

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Robert Phelan

Manufacturing Engineer     


Robert is responsible for ensuring that manufacturing is carried out in the most efficient and effective way while still maintaining overall quality.

He works closely with Joe, our Design Manager to ensure the highest standard final product delivery. 


Sam Purcell

Graphic Manager

Sam focuses on developing and improving the Kronos website to deliver the necessary material to the public.

He works closely with Justin as he is also responsible for design and marketing.


Toby Burns

Finance Manager                              ​

Toby is the lead point of contact for any and all matters specific to our finances. 

He works closely with Justin, our Marketing Manager to prepare all the marketing materials.

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